dGate AW

Motorized gate with unique design.

Motorized gates for sophisticated environments, combining security, robustness and flexibility.







dGate is the result of an intense research process into worldwide trends and exhaustive engineering work. It provides comfort, sophistication and security for users, as well as the robustness and reliability that are the hallmarks of all Digicon products. It is also highly customizable and can be integrated with a wide range of readers, scanners and controllers. dGate was conceived for a world of solutions that go beyond access control.


– AISI 304 brushed stainless steel case with 2 mm plates.
– Angel gates in 12-mm thick tempered glass or polycarbonate.
– Side doors with anti-theft locks in the inner side, providing easy access for maintenance
and settings.
– A dedicated microprocessor controller allow gate acceleration and deacceleration,
optimizing flow.
– High-performance dPower motor opens gate in 0.7 seconds, providing silent control with
encoder for accurate positioning.
– Audio and visual alarm indicator.
– Detection system with 8 photoemission sensors to detect passage and 2 additional
security sensors.
– Anti-panic system with gates that open when an obstacle is detected.
– Anti-fraud system emits an audio signal and detects piggybackers, users in opposite
direction and attempts at unvalidated passage.
– Controls direction of passage, allowing two-way operation, and may be set in either one-
way or two-way mode.
– Automatic opening in case of power emergency or an emergency alarm is activated.
– Large internal space allows integration with wide variety of existing off-the-shelf access
– Full range power source (90 to 240 VAC).
– 25 W nominal power consumption for 500 mm closed gates.
– Top pictogram with high-brightness RGB LED lights with individual brightness control by
– Front pictogram with two-color LED lights with individual brightness control by color.
– Dedicated microcontroller for motor control.
– High durability motor.
– Gate positioning control monitored by 10-bit magnetic encoder.
– Passage control with 10 infrared sensors.


– Ticket safe.

Control Options

– MCA – TCP/IP access control board.
– Slotted barcode scanner for badges.
– Multibeam barcode scanner – ticket proximity.
– 2D code scanner.
– Wiegand/Abatrack proximity reader – HID/Indala/Acura.
– Mifare reader.
– Biometric reader.

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