About Digicon

About Digicon

Digicon started operations in 1977, manufacturing high-precision measurement systems for machine tools. Since its earliest days, the company's mission has always been developing and marketing products and services that were bold and reliable, had excellent cost-benefit ratio, and exceeded customer expectations.

At Digicon, the staff develops solutions that enhance urban and business infrastructure, helping integrate technology with daily life and bringing people one step closer to the future. The company specializes in market segments requiring high levels of reliability and technical expertise, such as mass transit, access control and aeronautical components, among others.

Establishing a connection between people and the future, the company develops high-quality innovations through modern, customizable solutions, solving increasingly complex challenges and conveying reliability through products that are robust, reliable and safe. The combination of excellence in technology and the vertical nature of its productive processes has enabled Digicon to take part in projects such as launching Brazilian satellites and manufacturing components for commercial and military aircraft.
Today, the company works in a wide variety of fields, designing and developing solutions in equipment, software and services. Its primary products include access control systems (waist-high and full-height turnstiles and motorized gates), electronic time clocks (REP and CP), urban traffic controllers (mobility), metered parking control systems (parking meters), electronic ticketing systems for transit applications, and build-to-print components.

Meet our certifications

ISO 9001

This quality management standard establishes requirements to help improve internal processes, train associates, monitor the work environment, and check customer, associate and vendor satisfaction, providing a continuous process for improving the quality management system. The 2015 version of the ISO 9001 standard adopts a more modern approach, with an emphasis on generating value, risk assessment, and greater involvement from top management

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ISO 14001

The standard guides the implementation of environmental management at organizations. It was established to help companies identify, prioritize and manage environmental risks as part of their routine practices. The standards helps companies focus on protecting the environment and sustainable use of resources.

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Currently, the CE certification for exports to the European Community is only available for the mechanical CATRAX line.

CMMI Level 3

This is a benchmark of the best practices needed for maturity in software, systems and product development and maintenance.

AS 9100

This Quality Management Standard for the aerospace supply chain comprises the whole ISO 9001 standard, with additional quality and safety requirements specific to the aerospace sector.

NBR 15100

The Brazilian equivalent of AS 9100, this is the management system standard for the aeronautics, aerospace and defense industries. The company first obtained NBR 15100 certification in 2005, and like ISO 9001 has kept it uninterrupted since then.


NADCAP certifies vendors meet the strictest special process control and quality requirements. Processes are audited by a group of experts from airplane manufacturers and major systems vendors. Digicon has obtained NADCAP certification for Nondestructive Testing and is in the final accreditation process for the Heat Treating certification. It will soon obtain the Chemical Processing certification as well, completing the three special process categories at the Digicon aerospace division.

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