Digicon installs access controllers at Fecomércio-RS/Sesc/Senac new headquarters

Fecomercio RS Federation (Federação do Comércio de Bens, Serviços e Turismo do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul) represents companies in the trade of goods, services and tourism in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, which operate in the most diverse productive chains of the economy. The Federation is responsible for approximately 1.5 million formal jobs in the State.

Fecomércio operates with representativeness in defense of the sector and has more than 100 business unions at its base to subsidize and intensify its actions. Through Sesc/RS and Senac-RS, the Federation also works to promote social well-being and professional qualification for thousands of people throughout Rio Grande do Sul.

Since 2020, the Fecomércio-RS/Sesc/Senac Federation has had a new administrative headquarters located in the Anchieta area, in Porto Alegre. With a total area of 37,324.61 m², the new “Casa do Comércio” in Rio Grande do Sul has restaurants, gym, auditorium, library, parking and social center.

The administrative complex was recognized, in 2020, with the CAU/RS Award in the Private sector – Legal Entity category, for its investment in an outstanding project, with an appreciation of Architecture and Urbanism. The headquarters also earned the Aqua Sustainable Building Certificate in 2021, an acknowledgment of its high environmental quality.

In addition to being super sustainable, the place also underwent an environmental transformation, becoming safer, more beautiful and bold. An auditorium for a thousand people was built. The new access controllers, dFlow, make the building entrance much more beautiful, bringing a feeling of fluidity and spaciousness. dFlow brings a new experience to its users.

The dFlow has flexibility in its width and can be installed in different measures. In 940 mm configuration, or more, it guarantees greater comfort when passing ADA and multiple users. In addition, it optimizes costs, reducing the amount of equipment and infrastructure. Regardless of the gate width, access can be unidirectional or bidirectional.

dFlow is much more than an access control technology, it represents a new product category.

Check out some benefits of dFlow:

  • Agility in entering and exiting environments;
  • Highest level of security;
  • Futuristic vision for the company;
  • Comfort for all users.

The access controller is able to identify each unique user and associate a non-transferable credential with him. dFlow’s control software is capable of isolating users even in extreme situations such as tailgatting and passing side by side.

dFlow supports traditional key identification technologies including barcode, RFID, MIFARE and biometrics such as fingerprint. It is also ready to receive new contactless biometric technologies such as face recognition.

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