Access control for small spaces.

A line of gates especially designed for access control solutions deployed in locations with limited space availability. The dTower provides the comfort and security of swing gates to offer maximum flexibility in as little space as possible.



Flexible settings

Small footprint.



Access control system with pivot gates and unique design, for small environments requiring high-accuracy access control.


– Innovative design, following the dGate and dFlow line.
– A robust solution featuring a motorized system for small environments requiring access
– Reinforced structure for floor mounting.
– Available in two finishes, stainless steel or carbon steel with epoxy powder coating.
– Gates in 10 to 12 mm polycarbonate – greater impact-resistance.
– Gates open in fast cycle, with various settings, allowing single and double gates.

– High-brightness RGB pictograms for two-way guidance.
– Top operating pictogram facilitates visualization of open access stations.
– Beeping signal indicates authorized or unauthorized access.
– Gates open both ways.
– Ports for activation sensors to open or shut gates.
– Allows deployment of proximity reader at the extremities.
– Easy integration with existing off-the-shelf access controllers.


– Ticket safe.

Control Options

– MCA – TCP/IP access control board.
– Slotted barcode scanner for badges.
– Multibeam barcode scanner – ticket proximity.
– 2D code scanner.
– Wiegand/Abatrack proximity reader – HID/Indala/Acura.
– Mifare reader.
– Biometric reader.

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