Catrax Go Duo

Double mechanism

Access control system with two mechanisms combining design, technology and security, characterized by a smooth, comfortable and silent passage.





Catrax Go duo

Catrax Go duo

Pedestal-type access control equipment with double-sided motorized tripod mechanism and drop arm safety system.


– Double-sided tripod turnstile with two-way simultaneous control
– Rounded corners prevent accidents for users.
– Internal space allows easy integration with other access control equipment.
– Support for integration board enables easy maintenance.
– Access to internal modules using anti-theft bolts, without exposed screws.
– Electromagnet and optical sensor-activated turnstile locks allows for lower mechanical
wear and tear and longer service life.
– Double motorized turn-mechanism follows the user's motion.
– Independent two-way mechanisms.
– Internal space for ticket safe directed to one of the mechanisms.
– Top pictogram indicating permission and direction of access.

– Lateral pictograms indicate direction of access.
– Roller bearing mechanisms with two bearing supports.
– Carbon steel finish with epoxy powder coating or AISI 304 brushed stainless steel.
– Anti-panic device drops the turnstile arm to allow users to pass through unimpeded and
restores it with an automated command, independent for each mechanism.
– Top pane with ABS corners to deploy readers.


– Mount for barcode scanners and magnetic card readers.
– Ticket safe.

Control Options

– MCA – TCP/IP access control board.
– Slotted barcode scanner for badges.
– Multibeam barcode scanner – ticket proximity.
– 2D code scanner.
– Wiegand/Abatrack proximity reader – HID/Indala/Acura.
– Mifare reader.
– Biometric reader.

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