TX1500 Full-Height Turnstile

A robust, high-resistance solution

A robust, high-resistance solution.
Effective access control equipment to control and restrict access in outdoor and indoor
environments. Decreases oversight needs by controlling two-way flow, preventing turnstile
jumping and unauthorized entry.

Total restriction of unauthorized access.

Deployable in outdoor environments.

Smooth turning mechanism.

Decreased oversight needs.

Robust and secure.

Total integration.

Two-way access control equipment for high-security environments.


– Rotating access gate mechanism for two-way control with three rows of arms controlled
by optical sensors and secured with electromagnetic locks.
– Robust, silent, smooth, compact rotation system provides a comfortable turn for users,
minimizing jolts and bumps and sudden movements of the mechanism.
– Equipment available in three finishes: carbon steel or AISI 304 stainless steel with
electrophoretic deposition treatment and epoxy powder coating, and AISI 304 stainless
– Wide floor mount decreases vibration levels during user passage.
– Equipment finishing with epoxy powder coating and electrophoretic deposition treatment,
with stainless steel arms at hand height, providing excellent resistance in outdoor
– Equipment includes two mounts for signs on the top part.
– Top compartment available for deployment of integration boards closed with anti-theft
– Security lock on upper cover provide easy access for maintenance and prevents
– Equipment delivered in separate modules, easy to assemble and deploy.
– Dimensions (W x D x H): 1500 x 1320 x 2250 mm


– Support for barcode, RFID or MIFARE scanners.
– Ticket collector terminal.
– Customizable lateral pictograms indicating permission and direction of access.
– HandKey mount.
– Turn control board for integration with other access control technologies.
– Guidance pictograms with green sign for authorized passage and red sign for
– Full range switched-mode power supply: 90 to 250 VAC input and 12 VDC/2A output
with circuit breaker.

Control Options

– MCA – TCP/IP access control board.
– Slotted barcode scanner for badges.
– Multibeam barcode scanner – ticket proximity.
– 2D code scanner.
– Wiegand/Abatrack proximity reader – HID/Indala/Acura.
– Mifare reader.
– Biometric reader.
– Built-in UPS with up to 4 hours of autonomy.

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