Accessible Pedestrian Push Button

A smart solution

Digicon has developed a pedestrian push button that provides safety, speed and efficiency for users when crossing urban streets. The system emits an audio signal to aid the visually impaired as well as students near schools.

BSD300 - Accessible Pedestrian Push Button

BSD300 - Accessible Pedestrian Push Button

• Complies with CONTRAN resolution 704 from October 10, 2017.
• In sound mode, emits an audio signal to help visually impaired pedestrians cross the
• Blue visual demand sign.
• Visual and audio location signal (aids pedestrians physically find the push button on the
Vibratory signal connected to activation button (haptic information).
• Active and imperative verbal message (instruction or warning to pedestrian).
• Six time ranges determine when audio signals are active, inactive or restricted, when the
sound mode is enabled during the day.
• Synchronization command (push buttons at the same crossing work in sync to provide
information to pedestrians).
• Automatic sound intensity calibration system (10 dBA above ambient noise, always under
the threshold established for the time of day).

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