Street Parking Meter

Control System for Public Parking

High-performance, robustness and security.

Digicon's technology and over ten years of experience in the market ensures the high performance levels of the Street parking meter. Modern mechanical and electronic resources allow Street to operate in extremely harsh conditions. The equipment's modular structure allow users to integrate adaptive resources, appropriate for each specific deployment, and to use various payment methods (coins, bills and cards).

Multiple payment options.

Solar panel: autonomy, savings and environmental responsibility.

Robust: operates under extremely harsh conditions.

One hundred percent Brazilian technology.



• A smart card issuing system manages a list of blocked cards (loss or theft).
• Solar panel.
• PIN Pad terminal for debit and credit card payments.
• Prepaid card reader.
• Coin acceptor.
• Notifications collector.
• Thermal ticket printer.
• Barcode scanner-based payment notification reader (optional)
• dKey capacitive keypad
• Sensors on main door and safe door, preventing operation when either is open.
• Reports on settings, events, current revenue and collections performed.
• Standard data formats to issue full reports for operations management.
• Tamper-proof memory storage of all operations
• Software allows total customization of parking system.
• Data transmission using portable collector through infrared (IR) communications
interface, Wi-Fi or via web using 3G/4G technology.
• Dimensions (H x W x D): 2051 mm x 403 mm x 594 mm.

Credit and debit card payment

To make users’lives easier and company processes more efficient and secure, Street allows users to pay with debit and credit cards. It’s a smarter way to pay and to collect.

dKey capacitive keypad

The terminal can be set up with dKey, an exclusive capacitive keypad developed by Digicon, which prevents fraud and vandalism.

Sustainable solar panel

The product is equipped with a photosensitive panel that turns sunlight into power, allowing for greater savings and autonomy, as well as increasing environmental responsibility.

dgPark Web System

Software used in metered parking terminals issues reports, statistics, and maintenance
and collection data.
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