Real-time adaptive traffic control system

Urban mobility is a high-responsibility area, and that's why Digicon works to provide a full-
service portfolio of innovative solutions, focused above all on the general welfare of the public. The software, systems and services developed and/or distributed by Digicon enable centralized total traffic management, optimizing vehicle traffic in urban

RT-ATCS - Real-time adaptive traffic control system

RT-ATCS - Real-time adaptive traffic control system

• Allows automatic changes to the controller's operational parameters to optimize vehicle
flow, decreasing delays and traffic jams, increasing average road speed, and decreasing
fuel consumption and fuel emissions.
• Allows total integration with CD200 Plug in and CD300 Vanguard controllers, enabling
the best cost-benefit ratio in the market in terms of deployment and maintenance.
• Uses a real-time adaptive traffic control approach to control urban traffic, measuring
current traffic conditions and then adjusting cycle time (full signal cycle), green distribution
(duration of green intervals) and gaps between crossing (to ensure traffic light
synchronization, the so-called “green wave”).
• Ensures the safest and most appropriate conditions for traffic light phases at crossings
thanks to its real-time response capabilities.

Image: RT-ATCS Central in São José dos Campos – SP


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