Digicon Street terminals control more than 6 thousand parking places in Porto Alegre’s Zona Azul

Do you already know the concept of Smarts Cities? Smart cities are those that use technology strategically to improve their infrastructure, optimize urban mobility, create sustainable solutions and other improvements necessary for the quality of life of its citizens. These interaction flows are considered intelligent because they incorporate the tactical use of various information, in order to respond to the social and economic needs of society

Porto Alegre is the ninth most intelligent city in the country

Porto Alegre rose eleven positions and now ranks as the ninth most intelligent and connected city in Brazil. Through the Connected Smart Cities ranking, cities with the greatest potential for development are defined. The site maps all 673 Brazilian municipalities with more than 50 thousand inhabitants. In addition to having this place in the general ranking, Porto Alegre is in third place in the South Region ranking.

Digicon has a partnership with Porto Alegre’s City Hall to offer more and more intelligent solutions to the population. One of the examples is the use Terminals Street, installed in several points of the city. In 2019, Digicon supplied Zona Azul Brasil (ZAB), the concessionaire that won the bid for operation in the city capital of Rio Grande do Sul, about 240 Street Terminals. These terminals control 5,500 parking places, distributed in the following neighborhoods Centro Histórico, Menino Deus, Tristeza, Azenha, Bom Fim, Moinhos de Vento e Floresta. The system was widely accepted, due to the multiple payment options it offers. The terminals accept coins, prepaid cards, debit and credit cards and a smartphone apps.

Porto Alegre starts charging for rotating parking in municipal parks

After two years of operation, due to the success of the system, in March of this year, an expansion was made to the northern area of Porto Alegre, including the Cristo Redentor neighborhood, which has a strong presence of street commerce. In addition, the city decided to use this system to charge for parking in municipal parks – Parque Marinha do Brasil, Parque Moinhos de Ventos (Parcão) and Parque Farroupilha (Redenção). Times to be set in these places are longer, and the charge also occurs on weekends and holidays, from 8 am to 8 pm. It is worth remembering that Terminal Street adjusts the tariffs automatically, according to the scheduled times.

Today, the City has more than 285 Street Terminals installed, controlling 6,786 parking places, which results in the largest Rotating Parking operation, using Digicon’s Terminal Street technology. Automating payments in blue zones is beneficial for the city, as it improves urban mobility, for drivers by encouraging the rotation of parking places, and for local commerce and services with easier access to their customers.

Terminal Street: more autonomy, sustainability and security, with adaptable functions.

Terminal Street accepts multiple payment methods, has access to the 3G / 4G network and a 20W solar panel, which recharges the battery automatically, generating more autonomy and sustainability. Terminal Street is a high-performance, robust and safe device. It has a capacitive keypad for data entry such as the license plate, as well as a printer to provide a receipt on thermo-sensitive paper. With a modular structure, the equipment allows the incorporation of functionalities adaptable to the characteristics of each application.

Terminal Street allows operation continuously and without operator assistance, storing all kinds of information related to financial transactions and events, allowing total control and traceability of this data. Through the DG Park Web Software, it is possible to centrally and remotely manage all Terminals, with real-time information on operation, alarms and failures, in addition to the financial information of the collection. Through the system it is possible to generate several reports.

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