Digicon launches Urban Mobility Services Platform, MobService, which promises to transform the experience of passengers and operators.

Nowadays buses are the most used means of transportation in Brazil. However, in recent years it has been losing passengers in a very significant way, and with the pandemic this scenario has worsened enormously.

Technology and innovation, Digicon believes to be the only alternative to improve and recover this sector so affected by the Covid-19 crisis. With this in mind, Digicon developed MOBSERVICE, the Urban Mobility Services Platform, a complete solution developed to improve user experience and bring more profitability to the operators, in addition to total transparency to the Public Manager.

Mobservice is an innovative solution composed of a mobile application that interfaces with passengers, offers a virtual wallet, makes payments with QR Code, and has a “BackOffice” system in the Cloud, which ensures total security of the operation. The system offers the users the best route to be taken, the departure and arrival times, the total price of the trip, on-board occupancy, and even the option to inform the available seats in case of long distance trips, besides the use of several accessible means of payments, such as cell phone applications with QR Code, debit and credit cards.

For the operator, due to its cloud architecture, Digicon’s Mobservice ends up providing a low operational cost, since it saves on infrastructure of IT and customer service teams, operational costs associated with prepaid cards transport and their service stations.  Not to mention that the product monitors the financial flow through intelligent and intuitive dashboards, allowing in-depth analysis for decision making by the operator.

In terms of infrastructure, Mobservice has systems and equipment that are easy to install, configure, and operate. Furthermore, all fleet management done in real time (if late, on time, or early), on-board occupancy and revenues. Achieving security and total management.

Mobservice is yet another innovative solution from Digicon that brings together a better user experience for passengers with profitability and control for system operators. Mobservice can be applied to Urban, Intercity,  Bus and On-Demand Public Transportation. A solution that goes beyond technology.

Watch the video to learn more:

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