DFlow technology arrives at Belém do Pará Airport.

Digicon innovation evolves the passenger boarding experience.

Behind the United States alone, Brazil is the country with the largest number of airports in the world, accounting for 99 international and regional airports in its territory. There are millions of passengers travelling on daily basis and, to serve them more quickly and safely, the major Airports in Brazil rely on Digicon technology.

Since 2019, after bidding process, Digicon became the supplier of equipment to automate boarding control at airports managed by Infraero. The Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro and Congonhas in Sao Paulo were the firsts to be modernized. Now, it is the turn of Belém do Pará Airport to evolve its services with the installation of dFlow BCBP gates (Bar Coded Boarding Pass).

The dFlow BCBP, allows you to read the barcode on both the physical ticket and the digital version on the Smartphone. This differential brings much more agility at the moment of passing through the gate, reducing lines and avoiding crowds, a very important benefit for the moment we are currently experiencing.

Another great advantage of dFlow technology for pandemic times is that the whole process is carried out without contact with the equipment, increasing passenger safety and decreasing the chances of potential surface contamination.

Belém do Pará Airport is among the 15 busiest in the country. With the installation of dFlow gates, held in February 2021, started a new stage in its services, providing an exceptional experience for its users. A transformation achieved with Digicon´s innovation and technology.


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